Memmott Family Reunion 2011

This year's Memmott Family Reunion was held at The Gathering Place in Gardner Village. We enjoyed a delicious lunch, wonderful entertainment, and time catching up with family. A deli lunch was provided by The Gathering Place. The pre-program entertainment was given by Karli and Alexa Augat, who are granddaughters of Chester and Esther Memmott. We all enjoyed listening to their beautiful voices. Then Kirk Memmott shared some excerpts from the third volume of the Thomas Memmott journal. Susan Memmott Allred arranged the after lunch entertainment which was provided by Clive Romney and his group. They used our family history to write a song about our ancestors that will be available to us next year. We also raffled off a quilt made by Dorthy Smith, who has made a quilt every year for the raffle for the last 40 years and each one has gone to a different family.
Susan Memmott Allread put together this Forrest Memmott Family display.
Enjoying the good meal and wonderful company.

Chester and Esther's children recognized their parents 75th wedding anniversary. They never had a wedding reception and Esther never had a bouquet so their children provided a bouquet and all posed for pictures.

After lunch entertainment.

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